Go Green And Save Your Precious Lungs

Smoking is bad for you. That is no secret. Americans are still smoking at alarming rates but it’s getting better. The percentage of American citizens who smoke can be researched at the CDC. It’s interesting to see that Native Americans smoke the most. An astounding 21.9% of Natives smoke tobacco. That is a huge figure. The next closest ethnic group is a full five points behind. This is a problem.


Research has shown that smoking has been linked to various types of cancer. For several ethnic groups in America to smoke tobacco at 16% and above is asinine. These groups are presupposing themselves to all different kinds of illnesses with cancer being the main one. The real question is, how do we get people to stop smoking?

We have a few ideas but only time will tell if they will work or if they will be duds. Our first idea is to educate the children of the high risk demographics. DARE aims to do this but they do a terrible job in my opinion.  I went through DARE and it made me want to smoke more. They talked to us like we were dumb and they were so smart. It was a horrible experience.

The only real way to educate kids is through the media. If the media glorifies smoking, then kids will end up being smokers. When there favorite actors, singers, and spublic figures smoke, they will want to smoke too. It’s how the brain works.

We have one other idea and that is to spread awareness of healthier alternatives to smoking. Research has shown that vaporizers are much healthier than smoking and have proven to be useful to ween people off cigarettes.

Do you have any ideas? If you have any ideas on how we can get America off cigarettes, leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.