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Green Cigarettes Review - The Truth

Green cigarettes or electric cigarettes are building their way now onto the global scene, in such a big way. Electric cigarette smokers (electronic cigarette smokers) do like the idea of that kind of smoking. The enthusiasm may be stimulated by the nicotine’s taste or a pledge to cut back to save money or is it the physical act of having a green cigarettes in hand, this is no difference.

The amazing allure of these electric green cigarettes is the death of the dangerous qualities normally associated in conventional smoking. These smokeless cigarettes truly, do not contain dangerous chemicals that are present in traditional cigarettes.

The green cigarette is free of tar, carbon monoxide, ash, carcinogens and most specially, flame. This kind of cigarette cannot pollute our beloved environment nor create a second hand smoke. But still it generates a pre-selected taste. This taste goes along with the traditional smoking.

These green cigarettes are also “smoking ban” friendly and can be used indoor and outdoor. You can now enjoy the taste of cigarettes without worrying about effecting other people around. Since most smokers got blamed for second hand smoking side effects, the electric cigarette has become a new trend that will change your life forever.

green smoke leaf How does Green electric cigarette works?

As the saying goes, “Where there is no fire, there is no smoke” - These green electronic cigarettes have many remuneration to us. Let us talk about them one by one: Smokeless electric cigarettes, which are known as an e-cigarettes is very close to real cigarettes we have. You can feel it and taste it like a common cigarette.

It also allows the smokers to enjoy puffing them while having a hit of close to nicotine. What else could it do? More importantly, it can generate smoke in a fine form, mist-like vapor that is generated by liquid nicotine which is located in a cartridge together with the device.

But it is definitely not a real smoke. An electric smokeless green cigarette composes an atomizer, cartridge filled with liquid nicotine and a battery as a supply. When someone will inhale it (the device) just like the manner of inhaling common cigarette, an atomizer will heat and then vaporizes liquid nicotine that turns into a smoke-like vapor.

green smoke leaf No smell and second-hand smoking risks

With the green cigarettes, you will not have to worry about others because it doesn't cause the harmful second-hand smoking problems. You can easily enjoy your electric cigarettes indoors without bothering anybody. There's no need to walk outside whenever you want to take a hit because there will be no fire.

As an addition, there would be no more spiteful looks from the non-smokers concerning about the dreadful smell that regular cigarettes gives off. The electric or green cigarette gives off no smoke at all, so these do not smell. What’s more to ask for? Those who will use smokeless electric cigarettes perhaps should be capable of “smoking” inside, because, again, e-cigarettes do not gives off second-hand smoke, also it do not smell bad.

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green smoke leaf Can Green Smoke e cigarette kit helps you quit smoking?

The answer is yes and not really, however, it depends on each person. Reports on previous customers claim that there are many people managed to quit smoking while other enjoy vaping the electric cigs more than the old traditional ones. If you consider vaping e cigarettes smoking than the answer is not really. On the other hand some people prefer to use the word vaping because it is actually "not smoking" at all. You only inhale and exhale vapor like smoke which is not harmful for human use and the environment.

green smoke leaf Are all electronic cigarettes safe?

Not all e cigarettes on the market are fully tested or have quality control in their manufacturing process. With Green Smoke e cigs, you can be sure that we provide the best quality products on the market. Don't be fooled by other cheap e-cigs out there that could possibly contains toxic chemicals to your body. Green Smoke Ltd. uses the best vaporizing system to ensure that our customers will not received any bad experience. Once you understand how bad smoking cigarettes can do to your body, e cigarette is the best possible alternative for your addiction.

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green smoke leaf  Customer Reviews And Testimonials:

Awesome! The green cigarette kit arrived just 2 days after I made the purchase. Great customer service! The package was well packed and no damage at all. The quality of the product is just great. It tastes good, just the way I like it. I bought 2 strawberries and 4 chocolate flavors. I haven't tried any other brand yet but I think there is no need to. I will definitely order from Green Smoke again. - Kaila M.

I've tried many other brands but nothing compare to the Green Smoke. The quality is just a lot better. I also love the taste and look of the Green Smoke cigarette. I've been using them for a week now and ready to make another order soon. It is so great because it has totally changed my life. My wife no longer complains and I don't have to worry about secondhand smoke side effects happen to my kids. I love this product. The customer service is also very nice too.
From 1 to 10 I would rate this product a 9.5 - Mike Campbell

I have been smoking for over 35 years. It is my life. I can't live without it. Recently, I changed to something new, the electric green cigarette. I had to say it is the best substitute for cigarette but minus all the tar and dangerous carbon monoxide. I still on the Nicotine one but need to get on to the non-nicotine packages soon. The one thing that bothers me about these green cigarettes is that they are not proved to be totally safe by the FDA or any health oganizations. In my opinion, they are way better than the real cigarettes. Actually, I can feel that my lungs are getting much better than before. I can breath a lot easier when sleeping at night. I haven't tried other brand but Green Smoke is very good for me. - Susan Slack

Seriously? I rather stick with my traditional ones than using these green cigarettes. They taste awful and I hate it. Maybe those young people like to use it but for me, I like my regular tobacco any given day. I don't get that same feeling with these e green cigarettes and they didn't give me that same feeling when smoking. My daughter gave me the Start Kit for my birthday but I only used it twice. The kit is very well packed and beautiful looking though. I guess this is not for me. - John D.

Here's what I have to say about the green cigarettes espeically the Green Smoke brand I'm using right now. I'm not sure about the hype that e-cigs can help you quit smoking but I'm here to report the effects it has on my personal life. I started vaporing about 2.5 months ago. It was a bit weird at first since I've been smoking for 35 years and now I'm vaporing. The taste is pretty awesome and it doesn't smell. This is the biggest changes in my life. No more stinky ordor on my shirt and breathe. My wife is no longer complaining about it...thank God. Also, I can smoke inside the house now and there is no messy ashes or cigarette buds flying around. I also don't feel much chest pain or burning sensation anymore which is a good sign. The only problem is I'm not sure if this can help me quit smoking or not (Green Smoke doesn't have any claims about this neither)....let's wait and see. - Jack Williams.

Some people told me that e cigarette is not cool and I shouldn't use it. Well...I told them it's not about cool or awesome, my main concern is the health of myself and the lives of my children at risk. Since I started vaping like 3 months ago, I feel better in the mornings than I did before when smoking traditional cigs. I can see it my children are no longer affect by my action and their lives can be protected. No, I don't think e cigs are cool. But why everything have to be cool nowadays? If this device could save millions of lives from lung cancer and somebody suddenly decides to mock it because it's not cool, it's pretty pathetic isn't it? - MrBeaber